Deluxe Rainbow Bunny Collection


Deluxe Rainbow Bunny Collection

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Available as GINGERBREAD OR SUGAR COOKIES! Our cookies and gingerbread houses have been featured on HGTV and Good Morning America. 

Thick and sweet, these gourmet mouth watering cookies are beautifully decorated and baked to perfection – crisp around the edges and soft in the middle. 

WITH YOUR ORDER you get 1/2 DOZEN  BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED, FLOODED BUNNY COOKIES! Choose a flavor during checkout, either "Gingerbread" or "Sugar cookie." 

ThIs Rainbow Bunny assortment includes six bunnies—one each white, pink, lavender, blue, yellow and green.

All our cookies are made from scratch and baked fresh the day you order - never frozen - and then sealed for freshness when they arrive to you! Made of sweet and spicy gingerbread, these cookies are so soft they will practically melt in your mouth. 

We also make custom orders, so if you have an idea just email us. Price may change based on the the level of customization. Price includes shipping.

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